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May 22 2018

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You now have THREE DAYS LEFT to apply to Pacific Arcana: Tumultus, the Pacific Rim Uprising fan tarot before apps close on May 25th, 11:59 PM PST! Click here to apply!

Nearly 3 years go, over 50 artists came together to create a 78-card tarot deck and a paired 20,000+ word handbook based off the 2013 Pacific Rim. Together, we compiled an Arcana, raised nearly twice our goal on Kickstarter, and fulfilled over 400 orders, all while making a beautifully coherent tarot and donating over $1,000 to various non-profits over time.

Now, in 2018, we’re doing it again- diving back into that world with Pacific Arcana: Tumultus- a full 78-card deck based off Pacific Rim Uprising and paired handbook.


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edward nygma + laughing 

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Leslie and Ben // Jake & Amy

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“they ware lying here for two weeks Newton, you had plenty of opportunities to take them back”

newt outside: *squabbling to get his socks back*
newt inside: fool! this was my plan all along!


bird: *bounces instead of walking*

me: fucking superb you funky little dinosaur

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May 21 2018


Never forget that the actor who played Killer Bob from Twin Peaks was just a set dresser for the show, but after the reflection of his face in a mirror was accidentally captured on film, David Lynch liked it so much he decided to cast him as the primary antagonist of the show. Not only going down as one of the best villains in television history but also one of the most horrifying.

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:Dcc hermann in a harem anime

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now newt in a harem anime LOL

only went w hermann, owen and adam since i did not want to draw all of the characters burn has played lmfao

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chibi acapulcos and newts lmao

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they thought.

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childhood friends AU?

i need a new therapist. i always leave therapy feeling drained and upset and not at all better and compounded on top of what was already a really rough morning, I feel like warm garbage rn

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Aquarium dates are gay culture!! Thank you so much to my dear friend Ash, @cryptidkurama, for commissioning this from me. This was a total joy to work on, and is prolly my fave piece of newmann art I’ve done so far ;U;
(watercolors, gouache, acrylic ink)

twitter / storenvy / inPRNT / portfolio / youtube /

May 18 2018

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You cannot exchange your degree for cash, you cannot have your degree do an audition or interview for you. You cannot eat it. Please, do not make love to it. I think you could probably smoke it, but I wouldn’t advise it.


Pacific Arcana: Tumultus - a fan made tarot deck based off Pacific Rim Uprising, has one week until apps close on May 25th, 11:59PM PST! Click  to apply!

We’re in the final stretch of accepting applicants for the next installment of Pacific Arcana’s… arcana for Pacific Rim Uprising! Make sure you enter your info in by May 25th by clicking here.


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Charlie Day | Playboy Magazine

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